Why WordPress is the best CMS Platform

Did you know that WordPress makes up over 60% of all websites? This is a fairly high percentage, and if you haven’t used WordPress yet, you might now be wondering why. WordPress used to be a blogging platform, but over the years it has adapted well and has become very versatile, allowing its users to create fully featured websites in all categories. It’s also an open source software, so it’s completely free, redistributable, and has an unlimited expiration.

“It’s a no-brainer that you should use WordPress as your CMS in 2022 (and beyond!). ”

It’s easy to set up (even if you’re not a developer).

WordPress supports millions of sites worldwide. But does this mean that everyone who makes it is a trained developer? No way. This is due to the platform’s simple user interface, easy-to-understand options and features displayed on the dashboard. Thanks to powerful WordPress themes, plugins, and tools, even people who don’t know how to code can use it effectively. We help anyone create beautiful and dynamic websites. Site management is much easier when the site is running. WordPress is constantly releasing theme updates, improved tools, and new plugins that you can install with one click.

Why WordPress is the best CMS (2021) | Layout

Like many of the themes WordPress offers, the platform also offers plugins to suit all your needs. This is another reason why many people find WordPress so attractive. The plugin makes it easy to add additional features to your WordPress site. Some of the more popular ones include Yoast SEO, Jetpack, W3 Total Cache, WooCommerce, Google XML Sitemap, Google Analytics, and more. The developers of this plugin are usually very active and release updates on a regular basis. These updates help make your site more functional, up to date, and improve performance. 

It is true that most plugins are useful and enhance the functionality of your site. But sometimes it becomes rough and wears out on site. To prevent this from happening, WordPress provides the ability to disable or disable plugins that you have installed on the core whenever necessary, helping to keep your site in optimal condition at all times.

WordPress Security

Maintains a high level of security despite many websites in the world being built with WordPress. Of course, there are always loopholes that hackers can exploit (this is true of any CMS), but WordPress regularly releases security updates to protect your site from any vulnerabilities. And as a website owner, the last thing to worry about is getting hacked. By regularly updating your site to the latest version of WordPress and using trusted themes and plugins, you can greatly minimize your security risks. 

The ultimate method to completely securing your website is to be put on your own dedicated server or a privately hosted one.

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