Perhaps It’s Time for a Website Refresh

How’s your current website doing? These are a few questions to ask yourself before updating your website.

  • Is it gaining as much organic traffic from Google as you anticipated?
  • Is your websites Bounce Rate above 56%?
  • Does the website look appealing to YOU?
  • Does your website serve the functions you want it to?
  • Can you easily navigate through your website?
  • Does your website suit the business you run?
By the judge of your own answers, you should now be able to determine whether your website is due for a makeover!

Your website is one of the first impressions that someone will get of your business.

Sometimes there’s more to than just looks

Looks aren’t everything! Well, it could be and it should be but unfortunately, as you know it, having your website being discovered randomly is quite hard. That’s why having crucial content on the homepage and your website overall is important to the discoverability through the Search Engine.

To do all this while making your website look modern, clean and simple could be quite tough. Here’s a few things that could help!

  • Choose a new font: Select a font that suits your business all while remaining clean and easy to read. You can use Google Fonts to find the best font’s for your website.
  • Organize your color theme: Choose a color palette that matches your Company Logo. Color can be a huge indicator to a customers deciding factor to either stay on the site or to leave. Having heavily saturated colors could easily turn away valuable customers. Try using this site to help you pick out the best matching colors.
  • Change entire website theme: Sometimes updating the site just doesn’t cut it. In fact, making a whole new theme could actually be easier in the long run! Talk to a web designer about whether updating or completely changing the website is better.

After the design stage

Now that the design is out of the way, let’s talk statistics. Refreshing your website means much more than appearance. It is also providing relevant, readable and useful content. To understand if your website is providing useful content, you first have to conduct an audit on your website. To conduct these audits you need to use a tool that displays these results. We recommend trying out Google Analytics to perform these audits. 

What to look for:

  • Bounce Rate.
    • The best results to look for are bounce rates of below 50%. This means that 50% of the customers are leaving your site while the other 50% stay. Having it any % under 20% means your doing your website a HUGE favor.
  • Gathering your website data.
    • Are you making sure all the pages are being indexed & crawled by Google?
    • Removing links to your website to unwanted visitors.
    • Provide Google your sitemap xml file.
  • Website mobile friendly & responsive?
  • Is your website targeting the audience you want to target?
  • Loading speed on your website?
    • slow site speed will result in a poor user experience. Resulting in a higher bounce rate and a customer who may never come back.

Renovating your website is a long process. There are patches to be made and testing to be done. Having a professional look at these at a glance could be the deciding factor of whether your online business can be successful or not.

Get DesignPad, Inc. to take a look at your current website.

DesignPad, Inc.
DesignPad, Inc.

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