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Project overview

TheWantedLeaf is our top 5 large online sales/e-commerce based website. Although they do not do online delivery and only pick up, the website’s visibility and performance is steadily increasing every single week! Once cannabis becomes legalized to deliver, we expect TheWantedLeaf to increase in sales 40x folds over.

Color Palettes

The Wanted Leaf is simple. Most cannabis websites always have a significant amount of green, although green can be quite an unpleasant color to look at from a website’s perspective. We managed to make the website look awesome using 2 simple colors. The color palettes that we used are:

Improve Impressions

Google Search is the primary market to focus when selling online products. Cannabis has become a very saturated market. Nowadays you see a store every other block. How did we compete against our competitors? Using SEO. SEO is an overlooked method for marketing. Most companies in this niche does not use the power of using keywords with intent. 



We visited TheWantedLeaf in St.Albert and took beautiful photos of his store.

Web Design

Web Design & Ecommerce done using Woocommerce. POS & API Integration done partnering with GlobalTill.


TheWantedLeaf did not initally invest in full SEO. However, just using alt texts & powerful keywords TheWantedLeaf went from 100 impressions a week to over 3000 in just 4 months.

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