Search Engine Optimization

Rank higher on the Google Search Results.

What is SEO?

To start, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it’s the process of improving the amount of traffic that flows to your website from major search engines. The first step in search engine optimization is to build quality content on your website. 

Technical SEO

Search engines want their customers to have the best results that answer their customers query.

Content/Relevance SEO

It is about using the keywords you know your customers will use to find your content.

Promotion/Authority SEO

Just having content on the internet does not mean anyone will find it.

SEO Packages

SEO Packages are the most paired up packages when owning a website. Our SEO has a bit of a twist, we implement SEM in along with our plans.

Standard Plan

Best for starting out companies that are in no rush to rank on Google.


/ month
Most popular

Professional Plan

Includes everything in our Standard plan & more.


/ month

Enterprise Plan

Includes everything in our Standard + Professional & more!


/ month

What is Off-Site Link Building?

Link building is often considered to be the main off-page tactic, but this also includes tactics such as content marketing, social media, appearing on podcasts, landing reviews, building local citations, and more.

How long does SEO take?

The short answer is between 4-12 months. The longer answer has to do with all those factors we discussed that tie into your SEO strategy.

Why should I continue SEO once I've gotten good rankings?

To give yourself the best chance at success, it is important to keep your ranking stable. The search engines are constantly evolving and updating their algorithms which means that one day you might be in first place but then lose all of those hard-earned points if an update goes by without any notice from us!

Perform SEO Audit

The process starts with a full audit of where you stand online right now, then we give some expert advice on how to be best positioned for success!


/ one time

Recognize Objects

Object Detection in Images Is a Strong Ranking Signal.

Perceived by Google

Google Has Search Evaluators to Determine the Quality of Results.

Make A Video

A Video on Your Homepage Will Double the Chances to Show up on Page 1 of Google.

Frequently Asked Questions on SEO

Most companies can rank on Google’s home page within a year, if done well maybe even 4 months!

Google notes that “No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google” and warns companies to “beware of SEOs that claim to guarantee rankings.”

Old SEO techniques won’t work anymore, so as long as you move with the times and adapt your SEO strategy, it is still one of the most effective, long-term marketing tools there is.

At DesignPad we look way out of scope when it comes to bringing traffic to your website. We take in which market you should target & how. This could mean the act of implementing infographics to Ads or changing website content every week.

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