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Project overview

IzakayaTomo owned a small website done off old school html/css with nginx. DesignPad reached out to them offering a new redesign to refresh the appearance and give it an overall appealing look.

Color Palettes

Izakaya means bar, people head to the bar at night so we thought giving it a dark and roomy vibe was the right choice for this particular case. The color palettes that we used are:

Traffic Research

IzakayaTomo grows every year and we can see it always improving. With the new website redesign and implementing features that customers look forward to, such as blogs and promotions. The brand has grown significantly since launch.




We visited IzakayaTomo in Edmonton and took amazing photos that would look great on the website.

Web Design

We used advanced JavaScript coding to make some features look amazing on their website.


After we launched the website, we track the companies behavior using Analytic & Search Console tools. Currently IzakayaTomo ranks #1 on Google for Japanese Bars (Izakaya)

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