Why choose hosting with DesignPad Inc.

Why should you choose our dedicated instance hosting service over shared servers like godaddy, siteground, hostgator or others?

It’s simple. You get 10x the speed, security, reliability & availability.

Why don’t all websites use this type of service? Because it’s simply too expensive to host a solely dedicated server for a single website. Unless your website is a large enterprise with extremely high amounts of traffic & the need of extremely tight security, using this type of service is never an option. However, at DesignPad – we made this affordable by keeping it relatively at the same price as a Shared Server.

We host websites ONLY on Cloud Based (AWS) Dedicated Instance Servers. These services alone will cost your business anywhere from $60 – $3000 a month!

How did we make this affordable? We simply, and truthfully split 1 dedicated server amongst a maximum of 10 websites. Of course, if we have 1 heavy hitting E-commerce website, they will receive it’s own allocated server. We guarantee that our servers will never be the cause of a slow loading web page.

Our RAM is never full

Other shared hosting servers host multiple websites on a single server. In fact, these servers can host as many as 10,000 servers on a single server! Now imagine one of these websites brings in a ton of traffic. Worse yet, imagine a handful of these websites get popular. Bad news for everyone on that server. 

That’s not us:

  • Our servers run with a stable 16GB of RAM for 10 websites per server
  • Your website will always be lightning fast, consistent, and never slow
Firewall protection

Remember how shared hosting servers put your website along a whole bunch of other websites? Well what happens when there’s a bad apple among them? The server that hosts your website can be exposed to Denial of Service attacks, blocked because of someone else’s wrongdoings, or potentially expose your website to malicious intent.

  • Shared hosting security is far inferior compared with the security on dedicated hosting
  • Our solutions gives you comfort to know you have the most cutting edge security to protect your business
  • Back ups will also give you peace of mind knowing your website is safe
Availability & Scalability

Our servers will always be available. With edge cutting technology, if one server goes down we have multiple Availability Zones that will take over and go live. If your website becomes super popular and demands a higher performing server with excellent commuting strength, we got that covered too!

However, increasing a servers CPU, RAM & overall processing power is loads of work. This may mean the Dedicated IP will be released, meaning your website may experience some down time for a new server to take effect. This process is done swiftly now a days in matter of minutes.

SSL certification

When websites and browsers communicate, these certifications encrypt that communication to keep everything from spying eyes. 

  • All websites hosted under our servers come FREE with AutoSSL 
  • We offer options to switch over to cloudflare to improve website loading performance
Email configuration

Gone are the times you had to put numbers and dashes in an email address just to get the name you wanted. Businesses look more trustworthy, modern, and professional with customized emails. So when you stay in touch with your customers, personalize your email to represent the business you want to operate.

  • Highly customizable email to represent your business
  • Differentiate yourself from a competitor that looks more like a hobbyist
Managed Server Perks: Updates & Security

Always stay ahead of the curve when it comes to software. Updates are crucial when it comes to your website being secure and operating to its fullest capabilities. You can expect these types of updates that are included in our Standard Package.

  • PHP, Plugins, Themes
  • Clearing unused CSS & other unneeded junk to optimize user experience 

View all our hosting packages at DesignPad.

Even if your website was not created by us we can still manage your website for you!

DesignPad, Inc.
DesignPad, Inc.

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