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Explore all our features when going with our web design package.

Expert Suggestions

Receive an experts advice and recommendation on how to improve user experience and to boost your website’s engagement with the audience. Of course, we will have the design all done and ready for you, so you don’t have to worry about a thing!

Easy Drag & Drop Editor

DesignPad’s innovative design editing tools allow you to drag & drop sections and elements on your website for a personalized look that best suits yourself as an entrepreneur. A great benefit of using this platform is its ease-of use without having any technical knowledge, making it perfect even if we’re talking about people who are just starting out!

Custom Domain

Impress your visitors by looking professional with your own unique custom domain for your website. Simply register a domain or upgrade to use a domain you already own. You get a free custom domain as long as you’re on any of our plans.

Business Email Address

It’s time to put your business on the map! You need a professional email address that will help you communicate more effectively with customers. Receive a minimum of 4 email addresses today and keep up-to-date in our ever changing digital world by signing up for DesignPad’s complete website package.

Custom Forms

Interactive forms are a great way to collect customer contact details and generate lists of high-quality leads. You can also use them for surveys, event registration management or any other purpose that will help your business grow!

Unlimited Pages

Give your website the layout that matches all of those ideas you have for it. With our no limit page count, there’s plenty of room to organize everything into individual pages accordingly. 

Customer Portal & Login

Create an environment where you and your audience can share and exchange information. Creating login access for websites such as a blog or social linking website is a great way to bring more attention to your website. You can build a website that is future-proof. You’ll set permissions for each individual user and work in collaboration to make it happen!

Royalty Free Stock Photo & Videos

We have a large selection of stock photo and videos to choose from. Simply send us a request to upload some photos on your website. We’ll upload them and you can choose from a large selection of image/videos! You can also upload your own photos. All you have to do is double click on any photo or video, then upload it onto your website within seconds!

Create Your Own Blog

We can help you create a section on your website that is dedicated to blogging. Blogging is a great way to bring more traffic to your website. Attract an audience, establish authority, build rapport and engagement.

Booking App

Whether it’s for an appointment or car rental. Our platform allows any sort of booking to be made possible. This will allow your customers to book appointments, make reservation or sign up for events.

Creative Banner

First impression is everything. We’ll create and design a beautiful landing page that will grasp the attention of your customers in a flash. These banners are fully customizable to fit anyone’s taste.

Pricing Menu

This is one of our most asked question. Of course we do this! This is essential to websites that are in the restaurant niche or businesses that offer services. We can create a beautiful and comprehensive menu to display any products.


You need to brand your business with more than just a website.

Business Card Templates

Business cards are old school…but are they? When you’re in business, one of the most important things to have is a great looking logo and brand. A company card can help with this by representing your personal information as well giving potential clients an idea about who they are dealing with from start-to finish! You’ll receive a complimentary business card design if you’re on any of our plans!

Flyer & Brochures

Brochures are a great way to introduce your company and its services. They can help you reach new customers, generate positive press from outlets such as local newspapers or magazines that cover the industry in question; even provide an accurate count of how many people have viewed information about what it has offer! We want your business to expand and succeed – that is why we will design free templates that YOU can edit and use.

Logo Design

Logo Designs can be expensive and it can make or break your businesses image. A good one will help you grab attention and make a strong first impression while being memorable enough for people who know what they like-but there’s always room for improvement. That being all said, we offer free logo designs when you sign up with us.

Mock Up Designs

Want to display your company logo on a truck or on a shirt? This can bring credibility and increase your products reputation. Mockups are an excellent way to show off your design without having the hassle of implementing it in real life.


Sell your brand and grow immensely with rich features.

Unlimited Product Listings

List as many products as you like! Our servers are build out of steel to handle immense and heavy traffic. Whether you sell a few products or thousands of them, our platform is built for you.

Sell Virtual Products

Want to sell your photography? Perhaps an e-book you made yourself. Our eCommerce platform allows you the ability to sell any product imaginable – legal product of course.

Discount Coupons

Promote, promote and promote! Create coupons to up and boost your sales. These coupon codes can be made to be customized heavily. Whether its for one time use, one per user or unlimited use – you have full control!

POS Integration

Want your POS to link to your website? Make sure you give us a call to see if that’s possible! Our platform uses WooCommerce which is very popular ecommerce platform with over 3,876,748 websites on it.

Automated Shipping & Tax Calculator

Calculating shipping and taxes can be a significant challenge for any business. This will save you money and time as it’ll automatically print waybills to go with your shipping!

Inventory Management

Our inventory management system will keep your customers informed about the latest stock levels. Inaccurate information is a pain point for both business owners and consumers, so we’ve made it our priority to provide accurate data!

Product Reviews

Customer reviews are a great way to increase your store’s search rankings and provide relevant keywords. This customer-generated content also helps build trust, which means more people will make purchase decisions at the online boutique they found through these written words!

Crossover & Intregration

Got a Shopify store? A square space menu board? Our platform allows easy integration between these platforms. Easily link your in-store pick up menu that is on square with your website.

Search Engine Optimization

Your website only continues to grow with the help of SEO.

Analytic & Tracking Tools

All our websites on any of our SEO Package will be tracked using Google’s Analytics & Search Console. We also will use the help of Ahrefs to determine how healthy one site is and how well it is performing on Google.

Blog & Article Post

Blog SEO can be defined as the practice of optimizing a blog’s content, site architecture and HTML code for search engines. Common tasks associated with Blogger or WordPress blogs include on-page optimization; installing plugins that improve page loading speed , internal linking etc..

Google My Business Optimization

GMB Optimization starts with creating good content; including keywords throughout the text as well as title tags, meta descriptions & heading styles – all targeted towards those terms (and others!). You’ll also want some other key things like adding local listings info into google map’s fields or updating phone numbers so they’re up-to date.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the process of making your website more appealing to search engines by improving its technical aspects. This includes things like content organization, keyword usage and absence (no headings), linking strategies etc., all aimed at ranking higher in SERPs!

Google Ads

We believe SEO is great but even greater when pair with Google Ads. SEO and ads work together to attract new customers, while also providing content that addressed their needs.

Monthly Reporting

Our experts at DesignPad will create video and PDF explanations at the end of every month. We hope to spread the knowledge to all our clients on the importance to SEO.


Your website is safe with us. Our hosting is 10x faster and secure than other public shared servers.

Unlimited Storage & Bandwidth

Unlike other website builders, DesignPad offers you the opportunity to use unlimited storage and bandwidth without worrying about using up all your allotted space or getting slowed down because there are too many web pages for one site.

Amazon Cloud Hosting

When you need a website that can handle the demands of your business, Design Pad has got it covered with our Cloud Computing service on Amazon. With this innovative technology and powerful platform for data storage in 54 availability zones around 18 countries worldwide (including 1 local region), trust us – don’t settle for less.

Monthly Website Backups

Website security is a top priority for any business. That’s why we make sure to back up your data in the cloud every month.

SSL Certificate

The SSL certificate is the ultimate way to ensure your website’s security and prevent hacking. This digital seal will authenticate that you, as an individual or business owner (or whatever), are indeed hosting this site on one specific server which can then be used by those who wish them well with their browsing experience!


You’re under our care. We’ll do our best to resolve any issues you run into with your website.

Video Tutorial

Managing a website on your own might seem like you’re taking a huge leap into the unknown. We’re here to help you with tutorials and guides to help manage your website.

Ask an Expert

Got questions? You’ll hear an answer from one of our experts. 

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