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Project overview

Antrim Industries is an company that has over 30+ years of experience in the industrial project/service field. They’ve gone through multiple web designers to try and perfect the site. We took on the role and gave them a brand new website rather than changing what’s on the old.

Color Palettes

Antrim Industries could do well with both dark and light. The website has the best of both worlds with the dark contracting well with the light parts of the website. We call this a hybrid theme color. The color palettes that we used are:

Improve Performance

Nowadays speed is everything. Sometimes statistics don’t match up with the real results. Antrim Industries website is heavy with quality packed information & images. Every page has it’s own unique slider that can be quite heavy on the loading speed. That is why we enabled Content Delivery Network to preload cache files to all his potential clients around the globe!


We visited Antrim Industries in Edmonton and took amazing photos that would look great on the website.

Web Design

We used advanced JavaScript coding to make some features look amazing on their website.


Antrim Industries went heavy on SEO. The goal is to increase the overall amount of referring domains to his website & as well as to increase its overall online presence.

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